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Our Promise

Every bike we receive from the manufacturer is carefully checked when we take it out of the box. Each bearing is greased again and the bottom bracket face milled, if the manufacturer has not done it already. Cables are checked and cut to length as required. This reduces the wear as well as unnecessary noise
. With these measures we are distance ourselves from the warehouse sellers, and allow you to use your bicycle to its full potential. Every new bike comes with a two year warranty and one free service during the first year from date of purchase.


In our shop we try to meet the needs of every cyclist. Road or off-road, for every-day use or for racers, we make sure we match your taste and find the right device for your budget. Your wish is our specialty. For individuals, we can provide a bike with all the required components. Try us.

In addition to conventional bicycles, we also carry trendy electro-bikes from Cresta, Diamant and Moustache Bikes. Developed in Switzerland, each Cresta is a piece of genuine Swiss engineering. Diamant containes the product development of the Trek corporation. Moustache Bikes combines advanced technologies using a Bosch motor with a unique retro look. Visit us to find out more about e-bikes.

Our Bike Brands

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